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What I do

When you live in an abusive relationship two major things happen.  

1. You live in a constant state of fight or flight.

2. You forget who you are because you are always who they want you to be.


You think these things will magically go away when you leave your abuser, but they don't. This is because your body has become addicted to the the hormones produced in the fight or flight emotion.  So even when there is no danger around you, your body HAS to produce that emotion to get its fix.


I help you break this cycle so that you can live in your base emotion of love.  Once you are out of the fight or flight cycle, you can begin to discover who you are again, who God created you to be, and what He created you to do.


Then, you can go out and make an impact on others through your work, non-profit, or business.


Are you ready to leave your fight or flight emotion behind?  Click below to learn more about working with me. 

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See What My Clients Are Saying

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Brenda R.

Working with Misty has been a fabulous experience.  I was extremely stuck – not able to get myself motivated to work and come out of my comfort zone.  Since working with Misty, I’ve been able to build my business and feel much better about myself.  I always knew that I had the ability, but I needed someone to help me bring it back to the surface.  I’m a much happier entrepreneur.


Lindsay W.

Misty has been coaching me with life and other coping mechanisms.  I felt at ease talking with her about things that don't exactly come easy to talk about.  She made me feel safe, and acknowledged al the issues that were at hand.  We discussed a plan to help me retrain some of my thoughts when it came to my home life and parenting skills.  Whenever I felt I wasn't doing it right i was able to contact her to help guide me and she walked me thru and it really helped me tremendously.  Thank you Misty for all your guidance.


Chelsea T.

I have come to Misty multiple times over the last few years to help bring me clarity and guidance. First, as a mother needing time management help and confidence in juggling the many hats we do! Second, as a business colleague. She is inspirational, she is real, she always somehow manages to have me crying. Sometimes happy tears, sometimes sad but every single session with her has me completely refocused and motivated. She is an amazing business coach with that extra bit of something special that has me coming back again and again for her trainings, programs, and one on one coaching sessions!!

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If you are ready to heal from your past abuse, I would love to chat with you.  We will talk about what you are struggling with, what you want to achieve, and how I can help you get there through coaching.  

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