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Moms Are Overwhelmed

I am a working mom of five kids.  I am also building a business to provide long-term security for my family.  I started this journey a year ago with a simple lifestyle blog.  Just a few months in, I found myself tired and overwhelmed.  My mind was constantly in a 'grey zone.' When I was at work, I was thinking about working on my business.  When I was at home, I was worried about work, and when I was working on my business I was thinking about what i was not doing at the house.

I was unhappy and unproductive

I felt like I was drowning in things that needed to be done.  I would create to-do lists in my mind and forget half of what I thought of. I had three calendars, and none of them matched.  I was full of confusion and chaos.

One day I decided that I had to get organized at work.  I teach my agents how to do it all the time, and it was time that I followed my own advice!  

I systematized all my work tasks.  I no longer had to think about what needed to be done because it was all laid out before me.  Each day, I could walk into work and immediately start being productive.  

It worked so well, that I decided to apply it at home and in my business as well.  

I could now do TWICE as much at work, at home, and in my business!

People are always asking me how I do so much?  How do you handle it all?  Aren't you tired?

That's when I decided that I HAD to share this information with other moms who are feeling like I was.  I HAD to help them feel better while doing more.







With this eBook, you will learn how to

Eliminate overwhelm

Systematize the repeat tasks in your life

Reduce stress

Increase energy

Eliminate wasted time

If you feel like there is not enough time in the day, that you need a clone to be able to do it all, or that you cannot possibly grow a business with all your other commitments, then this book is for YOU!

You will learn how to do it all with LESS stress.  You CAN have a satisfying career, an awesome family, amazing relationships, and build a thriving business!

Let me show you how!

I decided that I had to share these methods one Saturday after I sat and read 60 pages of a book I wanted to read, went and got a one hour massage, went and got a pedicure, and got home and did NOT have 20 things that needed to be done.  I realized that I had created ultimate freedom for myself.  AND that I needed to share this with YOU!


This book is for the woman who wants to do it all.  It is not for the woman who wants to just hustle and constantly be busy.  It is also not for the woman who wants to do nothing and is satisfied with the status quo.

With this book you will learn how to have time for yourself for renewal.  You will also learn how to rise above the status quo and create a life of abundance!

What will you get?

A Step By Step Guide for:

Setting Goals
Fueling Yourself First
Using the Brain Dump
Closing the Loop
Clearing the Clutter
Recognizing the Inner Butterflies
Using the 80-20 Solution
The Pyramid of Productivity
Time Blocking
Honoring Your Ultradian Rhythm
Creating Habits that Work
Eliminating Grey Zones
Scheduling Your Interruptions
Joining Auto University
Creating Mini-Systems
Following the Model
The Key to High Energy
Defining Your Purpose
Evaluations That Rise
Celebrating Your Wins

You will also receive the handbook I created to help you journal through the book and utilize these practices in your life.

Plus, membership in our Facebook Group, where you can join other Tenacious Women on their path to create a life of Freedom!

Why do you need this?

If you use the book and workbook, you will recapture a minimum of five hours per week.

If you make $20 an hour, this would be worth over $4000 to you every single month!

You will also feel less guilt and regain your power to create results in your life!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm, and create more energy in your life today!

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