4 Steps to Scale Your Business for Time & Financial Freedom

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I will be sharing with you my unique GOAL SETTING Method:

  • Eliminating your negative self talk.

  • Finding the gaps by assessing where you currently are.

  • Setting goals that fuel you.

  •  Curating your energetic standards. 

This is for you if:


- You're feeling tired, frustrated, or overwhelmed with your lack of progress towards your goals.

- You’re struggling to get CONSISTENT RESULTS in your business

- You’re a mompreneur and you feel constantly BURNED OUT

- You’re stressed out because your business is taking over your family life

- Your negative self-talk is holding you back


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"I was extremely stuck – not able to get myself motivated to work and come out of my comfort zone.  Since working with Misty, I’ve been able to build my business and feel much better about myself."

-Brenda R.


Hi there! I'm Misty 👋

I help women heal from past abuse and discover their divine purpose so that they can curate a life and business that fuels them and impacts the world in a positive way! I can't wait to help you achieve your dreams!

I am a survivor of domestic violence and a working mom of five kids.  I am also building a business to provide long-term security for my family. 

With this masterclass you will learn how to figure out what is holding you back, how to eliminate your negative self-talk, how to set goals the RIGHT way, and how to create STANDARDS for your life.