Conscious Decisions

Conscious-to be aware of and responding to your surroundings, awake

Unconscious- not conscious, not aware of your thoughts or emotions that are affecting your behavior

Decision- a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration, the action or process of deciding something, resolving a question, formal judgement

Decisions we make:

• Affect us

• Affect other people

• Have a ‘human cost’

• Have a ‘business cost’

• Demonstrate our values

Example: lead lists. I get 3 lead lists every month for a year and I have unconsciously decided NOT to call them or do anything with them.

Why? It’s too much work to set it up. If they wanted my services, they would reach out to me. I am not good at phone calls. I don’t know what to say. It won’t make a difference anyway.

How do I know it was unconscious?

I did NOT actively decide NOT to do it. In other words, I am still beating myself up, shaming myself for NOT doing it. I am still saying I NEED to do it, yet I don’t do it.

How do we resolve this?

We need to sit down and go into our brain and decide to either do it or not do it.

• Make a list of pros & cons

• Ask which way makes the most sense to you?

• Do you have time to do it? (Be honest here)

• Does it align with your values, mission, or goals?

• If the answer is yes, you need to do it then ask how long it will take?

• Look at your calendar and see when you can best fit it in.

• Make the decision to do it by putting it on your calendar

• Support your decision to do it by coming up with a new thought plan.