Tenacious Woman Wants to Partner With Your Organization to Transform Lives

Does your organization serve women?

If so, we want to partner with your organization to help guarantee your clients' success.

We Believe

That all women were created on purpose FOR a purpose. Too often the struggles of life get in the way of women achieving their purpose. 

Many non-profits that serve women offer training on home economics, financial literacy, parenting, and even higher education. However, most do not have a curriculum that teaches how to create a life you love. How to choose thoughts that support your goals. How to heal from the abuse and trauma you have experienced. Or how to build a business that will create financial freedom for your family.

This is where Tenacious Woman comes in. We have the curriculum developed for you! You can sponsor your clients or offer the curriculum to your clients at a substantially discounted rate.

Many women seeking assistance from non-profits are living at poverty or near poverty levels, trading time for money. It is our belief at Tenacious Woman that teaching them the skills to heal from abuse, manage their mindset, and build a profitable business, is the key to bringing women out of poverty and into a life of IMPACT.

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