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morning wake-up Jun 14, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

Write the vision. Has God given you a vision for your life? Your business? Do you have a big idea 💡 that you’ve not spoken aloud to anyone?

You should write ✍️ it down. We are instructed to record things because of what it does for us and for others. It helps us to remember the vision, promises, or insight God has given us. If passed in to others, it gives them wisdom and understanding they may not have had otherwise.

It also helps us piece together Gods little messages to make a big impact.

If you spend time with God each morning He probably whispers things to you. A little insight for the day, an instruction, a piece of wisdom, or an understanding. If you don’t write them down, then you will probably forget by the next day and not get any more benefit from what He shared with you, but If you write these down, you can start to see patterns or themes.

I have started to write things down in several ways. I will list them here to give you a few ideas 💡 to get started.

1. I have a note 📝 in my phone 📞 called God Notes. When I receive an unexpected blessing, a word from God, or something I feel is important, I will write it down in this note.
2. I post this daily morning wake up with the insight God has given me each morning during my quiet time.
3. As I read and study, I have a notebook 📒 with me and I write notes. This also keeps me focused as I am reading and helps me to absorb more.

Which method do you want to start today?


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