tenacious woman podcast Aug 16, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

Matthew 6:24-34. It was hard to pick which verse to share with you this morning from this passage in Matthew. all 10 are great! I chose the final verse because I struggle with this the most and I am sure many of you do as well.

It says do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. I’m a natural born planner. I like to plan out all the details before I do anything, before I go on trips, anything! My husband is the total opposite. I am going out of town soon for a conference and he will have to do pick up and drop off on his own for our 4 kids still in school. He asked me what times everyone needed to be dropped off and picked up and that was all he needed to know. He didn’t get anxious, he didn’t worry about how he was going to do it or if work was going to be slow enough for him to do it. It’s just me whose worrying about those things!

This verse says sufficient for the day is it’s own trouble, but if you read the whole passage, you also see that God provides what we need each day.

So in this situation, if I were relying on God instead of worrying, I would know that God will give my husband the time he needs when that day comes. He will give him the patience to deal with all the kids when that day comes. He will allow work to be slow when that day comes. Because He cares! He knows our needs before we even ask.

But, we do have to ask!

Have you asked for what you need today?


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