Right Actions

morning wake-up Jul 05, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

Imperatives are right conduct or right actions. Indicatives are what we believe, it tells us what is right. Without right beliefs, we cannot have right actions.

“Attempting to do great things for God without trusting in the great things He’s done for us will always lead to either a whole lot of self-righteousness or total despair and distance from God, fearing that you’ve failed Him.” Ruth Chou Simmons

When I started my business I was half-in with God. I would pray for His help, but I wouldn’t listen for answers. I did things my way. I experienced a lot of failure. I believed that Gods promises were real, but that they were for everyone else. His promises weren’t for me. I was different for some reason. I was meant to struggle and lose. I wasn’t meant to have what I wanted.

My belief system was off. Because my belief system was off, I could not take the right actions. Because I could not take the right actions, I could not experience God’s provision and blessing in my life.

Why this verse with this message? Because our thoughts become our beliefs. We must learn how to take our thoughts captive and redirect them to the truth of God. Doing this daily will reroute our belief systems to the truth of who God is. When our belief systems are firmly rooted in truth, then we trust in God and that produces the action that is alignment with what God wants in our lives, which brings us success on Gods terms.

What thoughts or beliefs do you have that are not in alignment with the truth about who God is?

What verses can you redirect your thoughts to to remind you of the truth?


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