Renew Your Thoughts

morning wake-up Jun 02, 2022
Morning Wake-Up
What you think about matters. The thoughts 💭 that pass through your brain 🧠 each minute influence your feelings and your actions.
For many of us, our minds need to be renewed. We need to stop 🛑 thinking about the things of this world 🌎 and start thinking about the things above.
Gods ways are NOT our ways. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more that we could ever think or imagine. He wants us to experience abundance in this life. Abundance of His grace, mercy, provision; abundance of fun, giving, and happiness.
It all starts with what we are thinking 💭. We must take every thought captive. Ask if it is true? Is this something God would think? Or is this a worldly 🌎 thought? And if it’s a worldly thought, change it to be in alignment with a Godly thought.
Ask to see yourself the way God sees you. Ask to see others the way God sees them. Ask to see situations the way God sees them.
And watch as your mind and circumstances are transformed.


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