Not Getting Results

morning wake-up Jun 02, 2022
Morning Wake-Up
God sees when we are doing everything we can to hear and obey him. He is a good father who wants to bless his children. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine. So why are you doing what you are supposed to be doing and NOT getting results?
It’s one of 5 things:
1. Sin
2. Judgements and Unforgiveness of others
3. Not Gods timing
4. Not Gods will
5. Lack of faith
Ask yourself if you have any sin that needs to be dealt with. If something comes up, ask for forgiveness.
Start to notice where you are judging others and ask if you have anyone you need to forgive. You might be surprised what comes up! And if you find yourself judging people a lot and don’t know how to stop it, message me for info on my blueprint program.
Then ask God to reveal to you his will for your life. Ask him if you are doing the right thing. Ask him what promises are for now or for later. This will show you if you are within his will and his timing.
When you have done all of these things, you can be assured that Hod will bless the work of your hands. But you must have faith!
This was the big one for me. I have faith that God wants to bless us and created us to do great things, but then I doubt that He wants to do those things for me. I have thought I must be a special case that he just doesn’t care about because I just don’t get those blessings for some reason.
All through the New Testament, Jesus performed miracles, but if you pay attention, there are times when we could not preform miracles because the people did not believe. So we have to truly believe that our miracle is coming. That the work of our hands will be blessed. And if you doubt like I do, pray that he would help you believe and forgive your unbelief.


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