Heaven on Earth

morning wake-up Jun 16, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

Fight the good fight, finish the race strong, keep your faith, and at the end of it all, Christ will say well done good and faithful servant.

I believe that we can experience heaven or hell here on earth. Which one we experience depends upon our choices. Our choices for what thoughts we choose to focus on, what actions we choose to take, and what God we choose to serve.

If we choose to serve the one true God, and we allow him to work in our lives. To help us choose good thoughts. To help us choose righteous actions. Then, when we face trials, we put our trust in him. We know that this is not the end. That even if death may come, what comes after death is even greater than what we have had here. Then, we are experiencing heaven on earth.

But when we choose to allow our worries to consume us, we experience hell on earth. We experience daily torment over our concerns, our decisions, the things that other people do to us. And when we focus on those things, we go down a trail that leads to more worries, more concerns, and more bad decisions.

It is possible to get to judgement day and to hear God say you did not finish well. It doesn’t take away from your salvation if you have accepted Christ, however, I would never want to hear from God that I have not served him well.

So how do we turn that around if we are in the second group?

We have to daily, sometimes every minute, choose to put our thoughts on Him, on the things above. Decree scripture to remind yourself who and whose you are.

Seek out healing. Deep inner healing will break your chains of bondage and free you from the patterns of your past.

Study the Bible. You cannot focus on Gods word if you don’t know it.

What worry are you struggling with today that is preventing you from focusing on who God says you are?


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