Forgetting What Lies Behind

morning wake-up Jun 13, 2022
Morning Wake-Up
For many of us, moving on seems impossible after abuse. We think there is no way for us to heal, get our lives together, and become something great.
This verse reveals the problem we are facing. To move on to what God has for us and to become this new version of ourselves, we MUST forget the past.
This doesn’t mean that you forget everything that happened to you and pretend everything is ok.
This means that you forget your ‘story’ that you are telling yourself. It means you replace your story with Gods story for you.
Here’s a practical example. One story I had was that I am either too much or not enough in every situation. My thoughts would be I’m not good enough to apply for this job, I don’t have enough experience, no one is going to hire me for that, there’s no way I can make what I need to make to survive as a single mom.
I sat down and determined how much I needed to make. I settled on $60,000. This was almost twice what I made as a social worker with a masters degree before being a stay at home mom for 5.5 years, and over twice what I made in my insurance business. But I chose to forget the past story and to focus on what Gods new story was.
I replaced my thoughts with I am capable, I am smart, I know what I am doing, I am good at everything I do, I learn things easily, I am a hard worker.
I found my ‘dream’ job making exactly what I set out to make within a few weeks!
What story do you need to forget? What story is God telling you to begin to focus on?


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