morning wake-up May 27, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

I’ve been reading a short study on celebration. Today the topic was celebrating others. I NEEDED to read that today!
The passage was on the story of the prodigal son. He comes home to his father and his father clothes him in fine clothes, puts a ring on his finger and throws him a party to celebrate!
His brother comes home to see it and is angry and refuses to participate in the celebration. He says I am always here with you (his father) and you don’t throw me and my friends a party, but this son who wasted all your money on sins and frivolous things gets a party?
My friend, how often are we like the brother? Becoming upset with the wins and blessings of other people. Getting angry and upset instead of celebrating with them. Focusing on what other have done wrong instead of what they have done right?
Celebrating brings us great joy. Celebrating others brings us great joy. And being joyful helps us to hear God more clearly.
How can you celebrate others today?
I am going to go get a cake 🎂 to celebrate my kids’ last day of school and all the amazing things they did this year! And just so you know, this is something I have NEVER done before! And guess what, it feels great!


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