morning wake-up Jul 14, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

It’s common to hear people balk when they hear churches talk about tithing. We hear businesses ask for our money πŸ’΄ all day long, but when a church asks we get offended.

But, tithing is a requirement. If we trust God we are told to tithe. Tithing does several things for us.

1. Our first 10% redeems the other 90%. This means that what we have left after tithing will do more for us than the entire 100% ever would. This doesn’t follow our natural laws so it’s hard for our brain 🧠 to comprehend, but I have seen it first-hand. Before tithing we could barely pay the bills. After tithing, we can pay the bills and have some extra to spare!

2. If you read this section of Malachi you will see that the next verse says He will rebuke the devourer for us so that the fruit 🍎 of our soil is not destroyed. To me this means that God plugs πŸ”Œ the holes πŸ•³ in our finances. I used to say all the time that it was like there was a hole πŸ•³ in our bank 🏦 account. I would pay bills and we should have $x amount left over, but it would just drain out of the account somehow. But when we tithe, He plugs those holes for us so that the devourer isn’t taking our money from us.

3. This verse says that He will open up the windows πŸͺŸ of heaven and pour His blessings upon us until there is no need. When you tithe, He will meet your every need. You will lack for nothing. He will take care of you.

God is a good father and He wants to bless you. To begin tithing when you do not have the money takes faith. But if you have faith and trust that He will provide for you, He will bless you in return. And your faith will grow!


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