morning wake-up Jul 18, 2022

Morning Wake-up

Abounding in thanksgiving. We are easily led by our emotions. As we go through our day to day life, if we are not intentional about what we focus on, it’s easy to see the lack, the hurt, the struggle, and the loss.
It’s easy to become defeated.

But when we make a daily, intentional practice of focusing on gratitude, we are reminded of who God is, who we are in Him, and all of the blessings that Je pours on us as we go through life.

Our memories are fleeting. Here one second and gone the next. If you want to remember His blessings at all times, write them down. Keep a blessing journal that you can go to anytime you feel yourself forgetting who He is. Anytime you feel discouragement setting in. Remembering your blessings will prevent the enemies hooks from digging deeper into you.

What have you been blessed with over the past week?


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