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morning wake-up Jul 07, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

1 Kings 18 is a great chapter that reveals many things to us. It’s the story of Elijah and King Ahab. King Ahab has been worshipping the idol of Baal. God gives instructions to Elijah to show His power publicly. Ahab is to make an offering to Baal and ask that Baal light the fire 🔥 himself. Elijah is to make an offering and ask God to light the fire himself.

Elijah gives Ahab and his people an entire day to pray to Baal and nothing happens. Then Elijah prepares his offering, pours water on it and around it. Then he prays for God to light the fire 🔥 and bam it is ablaze!

So many times we worship false idols thinking it will get us the result that we want. Maybe it’s the law of attraction, or manifestation method, or self-reliance you have sought. These things only produce temporary results if any because their power is limited.

When you seek to transform yourself using these things you experience frustration, let down, and constant ups and downs from getting results to not getting results that lead to exhaustion.

But, when you rely on God to transform you, the fire can be lit immediately. Just as it was for Elijah, If you have faith. Faith is required for God to perform miracles. You build your faith by daily spending time with Him, asking Him for your provision, and seeing Him come through over and over in the little things.

If you feel like God has left you, that He doesn’t want great things for you, and that there’s no way He would do miracles for you, you are not alone! I used to feel the same way. But this daily practice has transformed the way I see Him and now I have faith that the big miracle is coming!

What do you need to turn away from today?

What miracle do you need from God?


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