morning wake-up Jul 01, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

Relationships can be hard. Especially when you have experienced abuse, manipulation, or constantly being let down by others. But, you are not meant to do life alone! You are meant to live in community and to have people support you, pray for you, and do life with you.

To do this, you have to learn new patterns. New ways of dealing with people that support you having people around you.

The old you abandons friendships when mistakes are made, but the new you forgives.
The old you allows insignificant issues to create frustration, but the new you is patient.
The old you gives in to temptation, but the new you chooses purity.
The old you argues when there are differences, but the new you builds bridges.
The old you looks out for self, but the new you thinks of others.
The old you makes jokes at others’ expense, but the new you speaks with respect.

I have had to walk this journey myself over the past three years. I didn’t become the new me over night. I had to lay the new neural pathway by saying these things to myself every day and by choosing the new way each time a conflict arose.

The key is to stay curious and not to judge yourself when conflict does arise and you act like the old you. Ask yourself why you acted that way? What were you thinking? Feeling? What result were you trying to accomplish? Do you need to apologize or ask for forgiveness for the way you acted?

Each time you do this, you are digging the trench to the new neural pathway a little bit deeper.


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