Redeem Your Situation

morning wake-up Jul 13, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

In this world 🌎, bad things happen. It is a fallen world full of sinners and our enemy prowls about looking to do damage wherever he can.

But, when you are a believer, we can trust that God will take these things, turn them around, and use them for good. He will redeem any situation if you allow Him to work in it and heal your heart ❤️ and mind 🧠 .

We aren’t promised that it will be easy. This is why it is so important to focus our thoughts on things above, not of this earth. Because when we stay focused on Him, He can reveal to us how to redeem the situation. He can reveal to us the purpose of our pain.

For example I have been building my business rather unsuccessfully the past 2 years. As I have come into alignment with Gods vision for my business and cried out to Him about my struggles, He has revealed to me that my business needed to be arranged His way. His purpose in my pain was to bring me closer to Him. To teach me so many lessons I have learned this year about tithing, trusting Him, and loving others. His purpose was also for the world 🌎 to know that when it does happen, it was all Him!

Another example is my sister-in-laws untimely death this year. In my hurt, my sorrow, and my pain, I cry out to Him and ask Him often to turn what was meant for evil to good. I ask Him to reveal to all of us the purpose behind our pain. I ask Him to make it mean something. The answer hasn’t been revealed yet, but it will. And until it is, I continue to pray and trust in Him to bring us healing.

What pain are you suffering right now?

Can you ask God to reveal to you the purpose behind your pain?


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