morning wake-up Jul 21, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

If we believe in God and call upon Him to be with us each day, He will go with us. The second part of this verse says that He will give us rest.

What do you need rest from today?

I think many of us are struggling with regrets from the past and worries of the future. Our minds are constantly at work to either repair what we did wrong yesterday or plan for what we want to do tomorrow.

When God spoke this verse to Moses, he was getting ready to go into a new land. He was worried about how they would be received; that people would not know that God was with them.

God spoke this verse to him to remind him that God is with him always. Just like He is with us always. He was encouraging Moses to think only about the present moment and to not dwell on worries of the future. To trust that God would be present and provide every step of the way.

Miraculous things happen when we focus solely on the present moment. We see the beauty around us, we see the chair that is supporting us, we feel the warm coffee gliding down our throat as we take another sip. When we stay present in the moment, the regrets of the past and worries of the future can fade away and we can see the blessings that abound right where we are.

Today, work on staying in the present by noticing all your senses. See how much you are supported in the chairs you sit in, the walls that hold up your home, the floor beneath your feet. Stay in the present.


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