morning wake-up Jul 27, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

Love is the key to many things. We are commanded many times in the Bible to love others and to love as Christ loved us. Love is powerful. Love is accepting. Love binds things together in perfect harmony.

Love cannot coexist with judgement. We also cannot give away what we do not have. We must first love ourselves to love others and we must understand Christs love for us before we can love ourselves.

So we must:
Understand Christ’s love for us
Love ourselves
Love others

Which one do you struggle with the most?

For years I tried to love myself more. To love my type A personality, my want to be first at everything, my body features, my quirkiness. But it never stuck for long because I didn’t understand the depth of God’s love for me. And because I didn’t love myself and judged myself as well as others against a measuring stick of perfection, I couldn’t love others either.

It’s important to know which one of these you are struggling with because that tells you what to focus on

God’s love for you-focus on the promises of God in the Bible. What He sacrificed for you and the miracles He does for you each day. Begin to keep a blessings/gratitude journal.

Loving yourself-focus on who God says you are. Read these verses any time you are feeling critical of yourself.

Love for others-focus on ruthlessly eliminating judgement and expressing love to others through small acts of kindness. Ask God to help you see people the way that He sees them.


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