morning wake-up Jul 22, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

Judgment has been a big issue in my life. When I learned RRT they told us to start practicing it by using it when we had judgments about others. That was an eye opener for me. I immediately thought, I’m going to be doing this all day!

In another training I was in I was told that our judgments reflect what we don’t like about ourselves…ouch. that’s harsh, right? But the truth is, if we are judge mental of others, we are also very judge mental of ourselves.

The Bible says a couple of things about judge-mentalness. One verse says not to judge, less we be judged ourselves in the same way. And this verse says not to judge because we practice the same things we judge others for therefore we are condemning ourselves.

But if we have practiced a lifetime of judgment, how can we stop that habit? I Will tell you from experience, it’s definitely not easy! here are a few steps you can practice to stop the habit of judgment:

1. Become aware of your judgments. If you don’t know you are doing it, then you can’t stop doing it. Start to notice when and what triggers your judgments.

2. Practice RRT to process and release your judgments. If you don’t know what RRT is, I will be teaching it in my upcoming masterclass: HEAL. You can join that free training here: www.atenaciouswoman.COM/heal

3. Ask God to help you see others the way that He sees them and to see yourself the way that He sees you. It’s hard to judge people when you see them as God’s perfect creation.


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