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morning wake-up Jul 20, 2022

Morning Wake-Up

Romans 8:31-37 is a powerful passage, I highly recommend you read it if you are needing some encouragement today. This verse stood out to me as I was reading today.

It says that God will graciously give us all things. There’s a whole group of people right now who are against ‘prosperity preaching,’ which was actually a movement that was started around World War II. But there are so many verses in the Bible that say that God will give us all that we need, that He will give us what we ask for if we believe, and that we do not have because we do not ask Him. So many verses that we simply cannot ignore.

What they are concerned with is that people might use this as a sort of manifestation method. Want something? Go ask God. Want something? Go sow into a message about that thing.

But that’s not what these verses mean at all. Yes we can ask God for what we need and want. We take our desires to Him. We should do this. This is a great thing! What happens when we talk to God about the desires of our heart and sometimes flesh, is that He begins to transform us. He will show us if want we want us a desire of the flesh. Then we can recognize that and stop praying for it. He will show us if it is not His desire for us, then we can stop praying for it.

This ability to ask God for what we want is meant to be two-way communication. And in our asking, we are transformed.


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