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Our Mission

The mission of Tenacious Woman is to help women become all that God created them to be.

Our Vision

Tenacious Woman helps thousands of women make an impact on the world through healing from abuse, discovering their purpose, and packing that purpose into a business ministry.  We do this through offering coaching and courses at affordable rates and in accordance with God's vision for healing, taking radical responsibility for our own actions, and accepting the power He has given us.


The Power He Has Given Us:

  • Exousia- divine authority for daily life.
  • Dunamis- the explosive, miracle-working power of God.
  • Energia- energy from God
  • Ischuos- the strength to accomplish great things.
  • Kratos- the power to influence and have dominion.

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Our Founder

Hi! I’m Misty


I'm a Mindset & Business Coach for female entrepreneurs recovering from abuse. I help you heal, discover and impact using the Tenacious Woman Blueprint. I have a Masters & Bachelors Degree in Social Work, I am a Certified Virtual Life Coach, and I am certified in the Rapid Relief Technique.  I am a momma to five amazing kids. I love helping mommas realize that they can heal rapidly, be an amazing momma AND make a ton of money.

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